The Creation of a Blog

I am beginning this blog because I continue to find myself learning more and more about a topic that I love and am passionate about – technology. More specifically, I am passionate about software development.

I have never really had the inclination to write about my side projects before. This is mainly due to the fact that I would rather be working on the project itself, or my time was taken up by far too many other matters (AKA “real life”). However, as I continue to participate in sites like Stack Overflow, I am increasingly understanding how valuable it is to explain and share what I am working on. Not only does it help others, but it also helps to solidify the material in my own mind.

I am starting off with a simple blog. It’s hosted in Google’s Blogger service as I do not want to spend a lot of time developing and managing a website. With this said, in the next few months, you’ll see this site change from time to time as I begin to build it and play with different themes and ideas (including its name). I do apologize in advance for the changes that I make to this site for the first few weeks. (Being slightly OCD, I have a tendency to tweak incessantly.)

So, with all that said, we come to the end of that awkward “first post” that all blogs must begin with. I sincerely hope you find this blog useful and that you find some interest in the fun projects that I am working on and with which I amuse myself. Enjoy!