Cleaning Up Your Google Contacts and Google Integration

This post has absolutely nothing to do with programming, and everything to do with managing your contacts via Google Contacts.

As Google continues to strategically push everybody to the Google+ platform, more and more of their services are crossing wires – for better or worse. One crossed wire that I noticed recently was the one where I had multiple versions of contacts in my contact list. I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them. Originally, I thought my phone (Android) had done some weird syncing and went there to delete the contacts. However, when I went to do that, I was told the contacts were read-only and I couldn’t edit them there. This pointed me to the fact that one of the services I linked to which synced contacts was causing the issue. Since the only service I have that does that is Google+, I went there.

It turns out, when I browse to my Gmail Contacts page, and click on the “Circles” link…that’s where it seems as though multiple contacts have been introduced. In particular, it seems that people who were in My Contacts and who I added to Google+ as “email share only” or who later created a Google+ profile (or both!) would be duplicated. Since I figured that this was a Google+ problem, I navigated to each individual’s page who had a Google+ profile. I removed that person from the respective circles, and then added them back in.

Voila. No duplicates. My hyper-organized self is very happy. Hope this helps you out!